800 Degrees Pizzeria to Include Rotisserie Proteins, Rebrands As 800° Woodfired Kitchen

Restaurant Introduces Woodfired Chicken, Porchetta, Roast Beef, Salmon, and Vegetables; Now Offering Protein Plates, Sandwiches, & Salads to Go with Iconic Neapolitan Style Pizzas

As one of the innovators in the worldwide Neapolitan-style pizza revolution, Chef Anthony Carron insisted on a “food first” approach when he co-founded 800 Degrees Pizzeria in 2012, bringing the highest quality fresh, seasonal ingredients to today’s demanding diners. A master of woodfired cooking techniques and how to harness them to conceptualize crave-worthy menu offerings, Carron has taken one of humanity’s earliest cooking methods and brought it into the 21st century. With the addition of the new woodfired rotisserie ovens to the mix at his fast-fine eateries, Carron and his team now offer guests a variety of options and choices that give them more reasons to visit and visit more often. The greatly expanded menu in the newly re-branded 800° Woodfired Kitchen creates an experience and delivers quality that will be the key driver for current and future guests.

Rotisseries, with their slowly turning chickens and enticing aromas, have become extremely popular with consumers, but unlike other eateries, 800° Woodfired Kitchen brings a unique approach to a traditional cooking method. 800° Woodfired Kitchen uses real wood to cook and the superior flavors are delicious and unprecedented. The woodfired rotisseries and product offering will also expand beyond poultry to put a new spin on woodfired dishes such as the “Garlic & Rosemary Roasted Porchetta Sandwich,” the “Roast Beef Plate with Roasted Potatoes and Caramelized Brussels,” or the “Fresh Atlantic Roasted Salmon Salad.” These items, and all of the other new kissed by fire items fit right in with the existing woodfired pizza lineup. Chef Carron will also be rounding out the menu with appetizers, desserts and even cocktails that showcase woodfired ingredients.

“By evolving our menu to include woodfired rotisserie proteins, we are demonstrating our dedication to serving artfully crafted dishes that are never ‘assembled,’ but instead the result of days of meticulous preparation,” said Carron. “Our dedication to fresh, high quality ingredients is the key to our ‘food-first’ approach, and provides the foundation for almost endless opportunities to infuse flavor in traditional and unexpected ways across a variety of menu items.”

800° Woodfired Kitchen utilizes specially designed woodfired stone hearth pizza ovens and woodfired rotisseries that burn fragrant woods, imparting a unique, subtle, smoky taste to anything cooked within them. The company will source various hardwoods including Oak, Mesquite and fruitwood that burn extremely hot compared to other woods, allowing temperatures to reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit within pizza ovens so that each pie bakes to perfection in the traditional Neapolitan style, while woodfired rotisseries allow proteins to slowly cook and develop a rich caramelization.

“We have conducted extensive consumer research on the new 800° Woodfired Kitchen branding,” explains Tom Bartsch, chief marketing officer of 800° Woodfired Kitchen. “According to our findings, the new 800° Woodfired Kitchen shows significant guest preference, drives a much broader consumer base, and attracts new users through strong appeal across multiple age demographics.”

With ongoing expansion on the horizon for the brand, Miami, New York and several other key domestic and international markets will open as the new 800° Woodfired Kitchen. The concept’s Downtown Los Angeles location has relaunched as 800° Woodfired Kitchen. With the addition of a woodfired rotisserie, the DTLA location now offers the updated menu and is outfitted with all updated branding and design. Several other legacy 800 Degrees Pizzeria locations will be retrofitted to incorporate woodfired rotisseries and the updated menu offerings, while some stores will continue to operate with the original pizza-focused concept.