Grubhub COO Delivers Some Food for Thought

Stan Chia
Grubhub COO Delivers Some Food for Thought

Stan Chia met up with us at our recent Restaurant Innovation Summit, where he talked about the future of restaurant dining and online/mobile food ordering. Here’s what he said.

How well versed are you in online and mobile food ordering? Do you know how off-premise diners connect with restaurants when they want to dine out at home? Stan Chia, chief operating officer of Grubhub, recently discussed why restaurants should think about integrating this technology into their operations.

The Grubhub COO talked to us about the future of the industry, the importance of big data and what restaurants should look for before they partner with online ordering services. Here are some highlights of the conversation:

Where the industry is headed …
We certainly see that consumers are a lot busier than they’ve been in the past, so convenience is big for them. At Grubhub, we do over 300,000 orders a day and have close to 10 million active diners in 1,300 cities. Today, everybody carries a high-powered computing device in their pocket. How are restaurateurs going to take advantage of that?

What restaurants need to know about big data
First, restaurateurs must look for data that helps them provide guests with better experiences. Big data can provide unique insight into what’s happening with delivery, menu innovation, or even very quick trend spotting of what’s hot and what’s not.

What are some big trends in the industry right now?
I think you can absolutely see that everyone is gravitating towards healthy. We also see ramen as a big thing that’s growing and moving across the country.

What to consider before partnering with an online ordering firm
When looking for a partner, operators first need to figure out what they’re trying to do. Then they should find a partner that is willing to work with them every step of the way. It’s really important for restaurant operators to know what’s important to them and choose the partner that best meets those needs.