HMSHost International: A Glance into Schiphol Airport, One of the Largest Simphony Point-of-Sale Sites in the World – By Tasmin Boyce

A food kiosk at Schiphol Airport
A Glance into Schiphol Airport, One of the Largest Simphony Point-of-Sale Sites in the World

Everyone has their own routine when flying and most include a pre-flight snack, meal, coffee or beer. Airports have to cater to all tastes, resulting in large variety of outlets within the average airport. Each operation is unique in their own way – whether that’s sit down service, quick service with Kiosks, or a relaxed coffee shop.

Did you know that in most train stations and airports, all of these food and beverage operations are managed by just one company? In Schiphol Airport and many of the busiest transport hubs in the world, that company is HMS Host International.

In Schiphol alone HMSHost International have over 80+ different F&B concepts, over 1000 POS devices and 50 million transactions a year?

How do they do it, you ask? That’s where we step in! Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Point of Sale is a hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality.

“When we enter a new country or a new airport or a new train station, for us, it’s really easy because we have the whole setup ready to go and it’s just adding another location.” –Erik Wouterson, IT Manager EMEA, HMSHost International

Oracle Hospitality helps HMS Host International with their unique set of challenges such as:

  1. Managing hundreds of food and beverage brands, the staff, the IT and supply chain
  2. Providing the traveller with the best experience possible.
  3. Ensuring fast and efficient service so the on-the-go guests are able to enjoy their services without being late for their travel arrangements.

Want to learn more? Watch our interview with Erik Wouterson, IT Manager EMEA, HMSHost International here.

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