Cubs’ Owner to Share Secrets of a Winning Streak

Tom Ricketts and Mike Greenberg
Tom Ricketts and Mike Greenberg

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and ESPN sportscaster Mike Greenberg will talk about turning losing streaks into winning seasons at NRA Show 2017.

Ever felt like the odds were against you? That you couldn’t reverse the defeat of a long-term losing streak? If anyone can relate, it’s Chicago Cubs chairman and owner Tom Ricketts.

He’ll be facing off with ESPN sportscaster Mike Greenberg May 22 to discuss how great leadership and affecting positive change can turn losing streaks into great, winning seasons during “Defying the Curse” at NRA Show 2017.

How to beat the odds

Ricketts’ Cubs suffered through 108 years of losses and their fans’ sky-high hopes but zero confidence in them. His challenges were not so different than ones restaurateurs face every day. With the odds against him, he did the following:

  • Changed his team’s workplace culture
  • Recruited top talent in a competitive marketplace
  • Retained his star team members who helped build and grow the organization
  • Created a workplace culture that transformed employee attitude and performance

The 50-year-old Ricketts bought the Cubs franchise with his family for $845 million in 2009. Now, the championship ball club is worth around $2.2 billion. The Cubs are the 2016 defending World Series champions.

Clearly, his strategy is working.

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