Foodamental Series is in a Class by Itself

Attendees at a Foodamental Class
Foodamental Series is in a Class by Itself

Join us at NRA Show 2017 for an interactive ‘classroom’ experience. You’ll learn the latest skills and techniques to create today’s hottest food trends.

Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on experience at Foodamental, our interactive “classroom” at NRA Show 2017.

Guided by industry experts, NRA Show attendees will learn and experiment with the latest skills and techniques needed to create today’s hottest food trends. This year, we’ll explore everything from go-to breakfast bowl ideas to preparing Japanese appetizers, creating summer soups and cooking with sustainable seafood.

Our chef-instructors include Angelina Bastidas of Chicago’s AMK Group, Abra Berensof Bare Knuckle Farm, Todd Kelly of Orchids at the Palm Court, James Lintelmann of Baptiste & Bottle and Noyane at the Conrad Chicago, and Jesse Roque of Never Blue restaurant in North Carolina.

Foodamental is produced in partnership with Chicago’s Kendall College School of Culinary Arts.

Here’s a rundown of some of the classes we’ve got planned:

  • Japanese comfort food: Chef Lintelmann will teach the audience how to make traditional Gyoza, Japanese dumplings, and will explain different folding techniques used to create them.
  • Breakfast bowls: Chef Berens will show you how to turn eggs, beans and veggies into and exciting and easy breakfast option.
  • Summer soups: Chef Bastidas will show the audience how to turn seasonal, fresh ingredients into cool soups for warm weather.
  • Sustainable seafood: Chef Jacob Verstegen of LondonHouse Chicago will demonstrate how to make Arctic Char Zuke. Zuke is the traditional Japanese method of preserving fish in a soy sauce mixture. Audience members will marinate the fish, then slice and season it.
  • Cooking with chocolate: Using dark chocolate, Chef Bev Shaffer will teach the audience to create “craveable” menu items.

NRA Show 2017 kicks off May 20 at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center and runs through May 23. To get in on all the action, register today.