Innovative ‘Green’ Disposable Food Service Products

EcoGreenHotel recognizes the importance of using disposable food service items made from renewable resources in the effort to lessen the impact disposable products have on the environment. Using compostable plastic forks, spoons, to-go containers and cups made from renewable resources allows hotels to significantly reduce the amount of refuse going to the landfill and make a positive local.

These innovative products are made from all-natural corn, sugarcane, PLA, Plant Starch and post consumer fibers. All of these products will decompose in a compost bin or landfill and provide nutrients to the soil. 
Eco-Products offer a 100 percent compostable alternative to conventional tree-based paper products. Known as Bagasse, these paper items are made from sugarcane fiber after the sugar ‘juice’ has been extracted. This renewable resource is grown and harvested every year and a half. Typically, sugarcane fiber is a discarded by-product from cane sugar manufacturing, but Eco-Products uses the material, creating an end-user product.  
What is PLA?
PLA stands for polylactic acid, or Polylactide, a versatile polymer produced by NatureWorks LLC. PLA is made from lactic acid.  Ingeo™ biopolymer is the world’s first and only performance plastic made from 100% annually renewable resources. It offers the cost and performance necessary to compete with traditional petroleum-based materials in the packaging and serviceware markets. It is clear and strong like petroleum-based plastic, but with the crucial benefit of being commercially compostable.
Plant Starch
Plant Starch is the material used to make high heat tolerance cutlery. The material is made from a variety of plant starches including corn, potatoes, and other vegetables. It has a heat tolerance of 220 degrees, which makes it optimal for hot foods.
What is PCF (Post Consumer Fiber)? 
Post consumer recycled fiber (PCF) is one of the materials used to make the new Evolution World hot cups. Post consumer waste is material discarded after someone uses it. Post consumer waste has served its intended purpose, passed through the hands of a final consumer, and has been discarded for disposal or recycling. 
The Evolution World hot cups are made with 24% post consumer recycled fiber. That means that 24% of the fiber used to make these green cups has already served a purpose as something else (office paper most commonly), was sent through the recycling stream, and was repurposed into foodservice grade paperboard. The FDA for foodservice use certifies this paperboard.  
Offering products with post consumer recycled fiber has the added benefit of helping stimulate demand for recycled paper, thus helping support the recycling markets here in the United States. 
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