Burger King Corp. Presents the 2010 BK(R) NEXT BEST MOVE SM National Tour to Find ‘Game-Changers’ on the Court and in Their Communities

Mobile Tour Hosted by Reality TV Star Syrus Yarborough

Burger King Corp. (NYSE:BKC) kicks off the first-ever BK(R) NEXT BEST MOVE SM national mobile tour on Feb. 4, 2010, to find ‘game-changers’ both on the basketball court and in communities across the United States. Headlined by reality TV star Syrus Yarborough, the NEXT BEST MOVE SM Crew will hit local basketball courts in 41 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago and Baltimore, to bring the BURGER KING(R) brand to urban communities through basketball and community service.

‘NEXT BEST MOVE SM is the biggest tour in the history of the BURGER KING(R) brand,’ said Alexandra Galindez, director, cultural marketing. ‘With this tour, we’re providing consumers with broad-based access to what’s happening not just on the court, but also in urban communities across the U.S. We also recognize the importance of giving back, and we will showcase ‘game-changing’ community service initiatives in each city we visit on the NEXT BEST MOVE SM Web site (www.thenextbestmove.com). Visitors to the site will have the chance to get a new, fresh perspective on a variety of charitable community efforts that they can adapt and implement in their hometowns.’

Syrus and the NEXT BEST MOVE SM Crew will visit urban communities around the nation in search of the NEXT BEST MOVE SM both on the court and in community service. Individuals can show off their best moves on the court when the tour visits their community or by submitting a video on www.thenextbestmove.com. Visitors to the Web site can vote on their favorite moves and one semi-finalist in each market will go on to compete against top-ranked players across the U.S. for $10,000 and to be featured in a basketball lifestyle magazine or Web site.

The NEXT BEST MOVE SM Crew will also be searching for great moves off the court. Visitors to www.thenextbestmove.com can share how they are ‘changing the game’ through community service and encouraging others to do the same.


The NEXT BEST MOVE SM Web site (www.thenextbestmove.com) will be fans’ link to the action as Syrus and the NEXT BEST MOVE SM Crew travel from market to market. Visitors to the Web site can get involved in the experience by reading the Crew’s blogs and viewing exclusive behind-the-scenes video highlights. Fans can even engage their friends by sharing videos via social media outlets such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

‘The NEXT BEST MOVE SM tour is an amazing project that reaches out to true, real communities across the country,’ Syrus said. ‘For me, basketball has not been a part of life – it has been a way of life. To be able to visit these cities to see how local players move on the court and observe how each city gives back to their community is the ultimate, great experience for me.’

The Crew will also visit lifestyle destinations, such as local attractions, clothing stores and community centers to identify local trends and discover what’s ‘hot’ in each of the 41 markets. Results will be featured on a special culture section on www.thenextbestmove.com.

The BK(R) NEXT BEST MOVE SM tour schedule includes the following stops:

• Feb. 5-9 Los Angeles

• April 2-6 Nashville

• Feb. 10-14 Dallas

• April 6-8 Chattanooga

• Feb. 14-16 Houston

• April 8-11 Greenville, S.C.

• Feb. 16-18 Shreveport

• April 10-13 Charlotte

• Feb. 18-21 Little Rock

• April 13-15 Greensboro

• Feb. 21-23 Jackson

• April 15-19 Raleigh, N.C.

• Feb. 23-25 Baton Rouge

• April 19-22 Greenville, N.C.

• Feb. 25-28 New Orleans

• April 22-25 Norfolk

• Feb. 28-March 2 Mobile

• April 25-28 Richmond

• March 2-6 Tallahassee

• April 28-May 2 Baltimore

• March 6-8 Tampa

• May 2-5 New York City

• March 8-11 Miami

• May 5-10 Cleveland

• March 11-13 Orlando

• May 10-12 Columbus

• March 13-15 Jacksonville

• May 12-14 Cincinnati

• March 15-17 Savannah

• May 14-16 Dayton

• March 17-20 Charleston

• May 16-18 Indianapolis

• March 20-23 Columbia

• May 18-22 Detroit

• March 23-25 Macon

• May 22-25 Chicago

• March 25-28 Atlanta

• May 25-27 St. Louis

• March 28-31 Birmingham

• May 27-29 Kansas City

• March 31-April 2 Huntsville

* No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older. For eligibility requirements, entry instructions, prize details and other information, see the Official Rules at www.thenextbestmove.com.