New Team in Boston Area Plans to Improve Operations and Development of SUBWAY Stores

A new SUBWAY(R) Development Agent team is in place in the Boston, Massachusetts, territory with big plans to assist existing franchisees in the areas of operations and customer service and a growth plan that will see the market grow by more than 50 percent over the next five years.

The territory includes Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester counties.

“We know this is a great market with a lot of potential,” said Bob Hurley, who is originally from Western Massachusetts, and has spent the past 20 years as a Development Agent and franchisee in Albany, New York. “The franchisees here are great, we have a wonderful, loyal customer base and we are really looking forward to working with the communities we serve.”

In addition to finding new franchisees and new or better locations, SUBWAY(R) Development Agent teams work with franchisees on operations, training the launch of new products and initiatives and brand development.

“There is an incredible amount of potential in the market. Currently, there are 175 stores and we are looking to increase that number by 130 as part of our five year plan,” Bob said.

Along with filling about 150,000-square-feet of retail space with the team’s projected growth, it will also provide about 1,300 additional jobs at the new restaurants.

Joining Bob on the Development Agent team, which will work out of an office in Framingham, are Larry Jasenski, Brooks Church and Mark Deso. Larry owns 17 SUBWAY(R) restaurants in Albany while Brooks and Mark worked as field consultants for Bob and own eight stores with him. In all, the team brings about 45 years of SUBWAY(R) experience to the territory.

“With the economy the way it is, we know some great locations will present themselves to us and we will have some strong potential franchisees,” Bob said. “We also know that the value of the SUBWAY menu — including the popular $5.00 footlong promotion — has helped the brand in these tough economic times, on both a national and local level. Customers want good food at a good value and our current franchisees will continue to provide both.”

In Albany, Bob and his team oversaw a territory of 163 stores. The Albany territory was also active in the community, raising funds for a number of charities. The Boston territory will continue to be active as it has in the past, taking part in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walks, as well as other local charitable causes.