Sally's Apizza to Celebrate Grand Opening of Stamford, the Brand's First New Location

Sally's Apizza in Stamford, CT
Sally’s Apizza in Stamford, CT

The iconic New Haven culinary landmark, Sally’s Apizza, is officially opening the doors to its first new location, at 3pm on Thursday October 7th, 2021, at 66 Summer Street in Stamford, Connecticut.

“Salvatore ‘Sally’ Consiglio believed that highly crafted pizza had the power to bring people together. He dedicated himself to both his culinary craft and to creating a pizza restaurant that everyone loves coming to,” said Ted Zizlsperger, Chief Operating Officer. “Pizza is America’s favorite food, and the one people love sharing the most with family and friends. Our goal is to make Sally’s the favorite gathering place for everyone who loves pizza. This restaurant is a game changer in the pizza category, with significant innovations and industry firsts, all of which are designed to enhance the guest experience for pizza lovers. What we aren’t changing is the distinctive pizza that Sal Consiglio created decades ago.”

It’s all about ‘The Pizza,’ which translates to Italian as ‘Apizza.’ “My father began learning the craft of professional pizza making when he was eight years old,” said Bob Consiglio. “So, by the time he was in his teens, he had completely mastered his craft, and when he opened up his own place in 1938, he wanted to take his pizza to another level.” Rick Consiglio added “My father developed his own sauce recipe and a dough formula that worked in harmony with this specific coal-fired oven design. He worked on different methods to shred the mozzarella and special techniques to apply the toppings. He kept working on everything until people’s faces lit up when they took their first bite. These exact same recipes, techniques and ingredients are still how we make the pizza today, in our original location, and now in Stamford. Everything’s the same, even the oven.”

“Sally developed his pizza recipes specifically to work best in this exact oven design, which has many unique characteristics,” said Eric Gelfond, Director of Construction and Development. “That’s why we spent years engineering and building our own proprietary pizza ovens, which are brick-for-brick identical to the legendary 80-plus-year oven still in use today at the original Sally’s. The thermodynamic intensity of our proprietary design enables it to meld the ingredients together and char the crust in a unique way, as it does in our original New Haven oven.”

“We have designed our service model to offer our guests choice, flexibility and freedom,” added COO Ted Zizlsperger. “We adopted a more convenient service model at Wooster Street and people absolutely love it. Our new locations are going to build on that with even more options for our fans. Our guests really love placing their order and paying at the same time, giving them more freedom over their own time and experience, without having to wait for a check after they’ve enjoyed their meal. We also have a dedicated fulfillment area for convenient pick-up and take-out as well.”

“Our Stamford location is designed for the modern consumer and will also be immediately recognizable as a Sally’s,” said Daniella Sade, Director of Design. “An essential part of Sally’s visual DNA is the signature golden honey oak paneling of the original on Wooster Street. In Stamford these beautiful panels are lined with hand curated memorabilia and art which pays homage to Sally’s history as a favorite destination among popular musicians.”

“This new location represents a modern reimagining of what a pizza restaurant can be. One of the most exciting aspects of our Stamford location is that we were able to position the pizza oven as a focal point of the space, with our signature red and white brick pattern in full view. Our guests will also appreciate the openness and fun of the layout, which features a double height bar dining area, a mezzanine, and floor to ceiling windows providing al fresco dining even when seated inside.”

“Music is an important part of the restaurant experience,” said Lucas Walters, Manager of Music Development. “It was also important to Sally, who would personally select each song for his juke box in the original location. We are following that tradition by hand curating our playlist song by song. After being in the music industry for over 15 years, I have a good working knowledge of over 50,000 popular songs, spanning every major era. The music program at Sally’s is about honoring the best of what’s old and the best of what’s new. We’re going to be playing stellar tracks from the Sixties through today, from Led Zeppelin to Halsey.”

“What creates the best hospitality experience for guests is when the staff loves everyone they’re working with,” said Rob Nelson, Director of Hospitality Operations. “When you look into our kitchen, everyone’s having a good time, and the guests can feel that energy. We hire great people who enjoy making other people happy, and we treat them beautifully and with respect. In turn, they are naturally motivated to see our guests have a great experience as well. Sally always made everyone feel welcome, and every guest will continue to feel welcome at any Sally’s location.”

“Stamford is the gateway to New England and one of the most vibrant places in Connecticut,” said Krystina Nataloni, Director of Marketing. “Our entire team is looking forward to bringing the unique Sally’s brand of passion, excitement and fun to this energetic community. Given the historic significance of this occasion, we are doing some really special things for the Grand Opening Event. One example is that patrons of our New Haven location, from now through October 6th will have the chance to luck across one of 237 Golden Tickets, which will be randomly placed in the pizza boxes at Wooster Street. These limited quantity Golden Tickets will entitle the lucky finders to $50 worth of food and beverage on October 7th, at our Grand Opening Event in Stamford. Also, one of the biggest requests we hear from our fans is to offer Sally’s Apizza T-shirts. Sally’s has not previously offered T-shirts to the public. At our Grand Opening Event, not only are we making special commemorative T-shirts, we’re also ‘baking’ them on the premises, just like our pizzas! To get one of these T-shirts, present your Grand Opening Event Day guest receipt to the T-shirt bakers on site. These limited run commemorative T-shirts will be available only while supplies last, so fans who want one should plan on arriving early. The doors open at 3pm and we anticipate that our fans may start forming a line considerably earlier.”

The restaurant is located on the corner of Summer Street and Summer Place, at 66 Summer Street in Stamford Connecticut. Stamford marks the first new location since Sally’s Apizza was founded in 1938.