Monarch Brands Develops the First Dispensing Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad for a Disposable Price

Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad
Reusable Microfiber Mop Pad

A leading provider of Janitorial, Institutional, and Retail Textiles has developed a new microfiber mop dispenser box for commercial and home use.

Taking their lead from the smash success of SmartRags microfiber cloth dispenser box, Monarch Brands invented SmartPads microfiber mop dispenser box to fulfill multiple floor cleaning scenarios. Priced to be used as a disposable mop pad, SmartPads may be washed and reused several times due to the woven microfiber polyester construction. SmartPads pick up more dirt than non-woven disposable pads, are more economical, and keep mop pads out of landfills.


  • Used for both wet mopping and dry dusting, SmartPads clean all types of hard floors.
  • In highly contagious 'danger' zones such as hospital wards, restrooms, gyms, and locker rooms, SmartPads are ideal for mopping and tossing.
  • In low traffic 'safe' zones, or areas that do not warrant strict cleaning protocols, such as offices, living spaces, and retail stores, SmartPads should be used, washed, and reused.


  • An innovative dispensing box distributes one pad while priming the next pad for use. 
  • Universally fits 18″ commercial frames (e.g., Rubbermaid) & home mops (e.g., Swiffer).
  • The attractive retail packaging pops off the shelf and is compact to fit any POP display,  janitorial closet, or cart.


  • Available in blue and green to mitigate cross-contamination when reusing pads.
  • SmartPads drive the cost of mopping down. They are priced similarly to most commercial disposable pads but can be washed several times before replacing.
  • One box of SmartPads replaces several boxes of dry disposable pads for the home.
  • SmartPads dispenser box neatly keeps mops fresh and ready for use.

“Why buy more when you can buy smart? We developed reusable SmartPads at a disposable price-point to address the evolving cleaning needs of janitorial departments and households. We believe SmartPads will do for  microfiber mops what SmartRags did for microfiber cloths.”

 - Hal Kanefsky. President, Monarch Brands.

About Monarch Brands

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