Abuse Leaves Hospitality Staff at 'breaking Point' – BBC

Hospitality staff say frustrated customers have left them demoralised and upset with some at “breaking point”.

The sector is facing staff shortages, with travel restrictions causing more people to holiday in the UK.

Some staff in Cornwall said they were worn down by being sworn at and threatened with violence when restaurants were full or food delayed.

Emily Gimblett, 20, a Newquay waitress, pleaded on social media for “common decency” after she said a customer made her cry.

“She was really, really moody and I just cried.

“I had already been reduced to nothing that day… It’s like a lose lose situation,” she said.

“I have never seen it this busy, it is ridiculous… The amount of staff we have can’t cope with the influx.

“What you say to someone can ruin their whole day. We’re still a person… We’re tired.”

Ms Gimblett said customers were angry and she had “reached breaking point”.

She said people on holiday were annoyed that “everywhere is fully booked every night” while staff were worn out working long shifts.

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