Eco-friendly Edible Straws Make US Debut

Edible Straws
Eco-friendly Edible Straws Make US Debut

Green Nature Marketing Brings SORBOS Edible Straws to Tropical Smoothie Cafe

ORBOS and Green Nature Marketing are working with Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC, to feature SORBOS edible straws as a limited-time offer, beginning November 11, 2020. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is the first restaurant franchise system to offer SORBOS straws in the United States. 

“We're excited to feature these straws with our special cranberry smoothies available all holiday season,” said Alice Crowder, VP of Menu Strategy and Innovation at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, LLC. ”Our brand is all about sharing flavor and fun, and these straws contribute both to our smoothie experience.”

SORBOS is the first company to produce an edible, flavored and 100% biodegradable straw. SORBOS' product attributes include the ability to stay rigid for up to 40 minutes in cold and frozen beverages. Each straw is packaged individually, a feature many food and beverage industry operators find valuable from a food safety perspective.

Aside from product attributes, however, sustainability and promotion of an eco-friendly lifestyle is central to SORBOS' company values. As Nick Dionne, Vice President of Green Nature Marketing, explains, “SORBOS straws represent an easy way for operators to incorporate something fun and exciting into their product offering, while also enhancing their image by reducing usage of single-use plastics.”