Open Enrollment: Time for Restaurant Employees to Get Health Care Benefits

Open Enrollment stamp on a calendar - Source National Restaurant Association
The National Restaurant Association partners with UnitedHealth Group to offer restaurants choices of group health plans in states where UnitedHealthcare has plans, with member pricing on many products.

How can you get employees to sign up during COVID-19? Promote the plans and services they need the most now.

Health care and wellness in your workplace have never been more important, and restaurants have a major opportunity to let their teams know during the open enrollment period for employee benefits.

Traditionally, restaurateurs must make an effort to get eligible employees enrolled in the health care benefits the operation offers. And that effort might be compounded because—this year—restaurants are relying on their teams to face other operational challenges like never before.

Some effective approaches for a successful open enrollment include:

  • Starting in advance by padding the enrollment deadline by two weeks
  • Sending employees enrollment reminders via multiple means
  • Designating one employee per site as an enrollment emissary
  • Offering rewards for enrolling
  • Using technology and electronic enrollment options, or automatic re-enrollment setups

A recent webinar sponsored by the National Restaurant Association and hosted by Clinton Wolf, the Association’s senior vice president, Health and Insurance Services, outlines some good news in the midst of all the COVID-19-related bad news.