TIPS Launches Online Responsible Alcohol Delivery Course

Health Communications, Inc. (HCI) announced the release of eTIPS Off Premise and Delivery, a web-based training and certification program specifically designed for people who work in a place where alcohol delivery or takeout is available. This includes liquor, grocery, and convenience stores as well as bars and restaurants that offer alcohol delivery and/or pick-up services. In addition, the certification course provides health and safety best practices for both employers and employees.

As many alcohol licensees have transitioned to offering alcohol delivery and curbside pick-up options, eTIPS Off Premise and Delivery provides sellers and delivery personnel with strategies and guidelines to protect against sales to underage and/or intoxicated customers.  “Relaxed restrictions have permitted restaurants to deliver alcohol in many jurisdictions. The vast majority of them want to make sure that alcohol doesn’t fall into the hands of a minor. The problem is they don’t always know how to ensure a legal sale, especially when they are using third-party services to deliver. Both the licensee and delivery personnel need to follow specific guidelines before the delivery and at the delivery site. This is why it is important to provide training,” said Adam Chafetz, HCI’s President & CEO.

An April investigation by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) discovered that “third-party delivery services are routinely delivering alcoholic beverages to minors,” according to an advisory they posted last week. According to a recent article in the The Washington Post, Jacob Appelsmith, California’s ABC director, said in an interview that the department ordered approximately 200 alcoholic beverages over the span of several weekends and had them delivered to individuals including decoys under 21 years old. While bars and restaurants logged a 25 percent failure rate, meaning they had sold to a minor a quarter of the time during the tests, delivery apps logged a “much worse” 80 percent failure rate, he said. In 4 out of 5 instances, that meant, a minor could successfully order an alcoholic drink on a delivery app.    

The eTIPS Off Premise and Delivery certification course trains employees and delivery personnel on how to recognize when a guest is intoxicated or underage. The course includes strategies on selling and delivering alcohol legally, delivery and curbside pick-up policies, handling a refusal situation, and ID checking. Through thought-provoking video clips, the 3-hour course challenges employees to evaluate and re-evaluate the way they sell and deliver alcohol to their customers. eTIPS participants complete an assessment at the conclusion of the course to demonstrate mastery. eTIPS training is a self-paced, innovative approach to alcohol seller and delivery training. It allows participants to obtain practical and valuable training anywhere and at any time.