Burger King Flips Plant-Based Burgers, Domino’s In-Car Technology, Focusing on Restaurant POS Data

A Burger King Plant-Based Burgers
Burger King Flips Plant-Based Burgers

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Fast Food Chains Embrace a New Restaurant Technology: Plant-Based Meats

When it comes to restaurant technology, there tends to be a singularity of focus on computer hardware and software geared to improving business operations, reducing costs, increasing profitability, and enhancing the guest experience to drive loyalty. In other words: the financial benefits. Notably, technology innovation related to food waste reduction (which, granted, also has financial benefits) is also now starting to receive significant notice, as reported here.

Also worthy of attention in the context of restaurant technology is innovation as it relates not only to computer hardware and software but also to actual food production and ingredients. And perhaps no food production innovation is currently having a great effect on the restaurant industry than that related to the advent of plant-based meat and other vegan food sources. This restaurant technology is poised to have a monumental impact. And that’s a good thing.

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Domino’s and Alibaba Put the Gas Pedal on In-Car Restaurant Technology

Last month, Domino’s announced that it is entering the automotive technology realm with the launch of an in-car digital ordering system. Because automotive technology is not considered to be one of its core areas of expertise, the company, which ranks as the world’s largest pizza maker based on global retail sales, has partnered with Xevo, a global leader in connected car technology and automotive telematics. Xevo already has in-car commerce technology installed in more than 25 million cars.

Beginning later this year, drivers using the AnyWare pizza digital ordering system, as it is known, will be able order Domino’s menu items with just a few taps on their vehicle’s touchscreen device. The Domino’s ordering feature will be automatically loaded on millions of cars with the Xevo platform. The new in-vehicle Domino’s app is powered by Xevo Market.

Once logged in, customers can accomplish any number of tasks related to pizza ordering, including readily locating their closest store location and calling in an order from the in-car interface. They can re-order their most recent order, which will be saved in the system, and then track its preparation from start to finish so they can know when it’s ready for pick up.

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Why Restaurants Need to Focus on POS Data Reporting and Analysis

Restaurant operators are collecting, integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources, including POS transactions, loyalty programs and guest-facing apps. The goal is to better understand their guests at both an individual and aggregate level, to interact with them more effectively and to identify opportunities for improvement in their business operations.

POS data reporting and analysis can also look at staff performance, menu item profitability and any number of other aspects of the business to generate actionable insights. Which servers are the most productive? Which are the least productive? Which types of guests are the most valuable? Which are the least valuable? Which dishes are the most popular? Which dishes are the least popular? Which are the most profitable? Which are the least profitable?

Automated menu analysis can reveal the popularity and profitability of dishes and can help guide future selection of menu items and prices. It can help determine whether it makes economic sense to sell certain low-margin dishes with high demand and/or to remove from the menu certain dishes that are less popular but generate more profit. In the past, mining data to extract meaningful insights tended to be an onerous and time-consuming proposition.

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