Domino’s Pizza App Must Be Accessible to Blind People – BBC

Domino’s Pizza has been told its website and app must be made fully accessible to blind people, after losing a legal case in the US.

It follows a complaint from a blind customer who said he first struggled to change toppings and then was unable to complete a pizza’s purchase using the company’s iPhone app.

The plaintiff’s case was initially dismissed in 2017 but was successful on appeal.

It may now set a precedent for others.

Guillermo Robles began his legal action against the restaurant chain in 2016.

He highlighted that Apple’s smartphones featured built-in screen-reading software to help their visually impaired owners use the internet.

However, the software relies on images and other visual elements within a website or app being tagged with text.

In Domino’s case, Mr Robles said both the company’s app and website lacked the labelling required for him to use its Pizza Builder facility or to complete an order.

In addition, he said, he was unable to make use of discount vouchers.

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