Supply Chain Management Conference Keynote Speaker to Tell Supply Chain Execs: ‘Shift Your Thinking’

At the Supply Chain Management Conference, author and motivational speaker Simon Bailey will advise supply chain execs to 'embrace what wants to emerge.

Simon T. Bailey knows the way we do business is changing at the speed of light.

So how can organizations keep up with all of the change and disruption that is occurring? The author and motivational speaker advises letting go of the leadership skills of yesterday, what is comfortable and convenient. “Experience the Vuja de moment instead of deja vu,” he says, and “embrace what wants to emerge.”

Collaborative problem solving will win over tradition, he says, and being solution-oriented equals forward-looking thinking. To survive, businesses must embrace new methodologies, and compete and thrive through demographic, technological and regulatory changes that are changing the marketplace.

That’s the message Bailey will share with industry supply chain professionals when he gives his keynote speech at our fall Supply Chain Management Executive Study Group conference, Oct. 23-24, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

According to Bailey, acquiring a mindset reset is the way to achieve success in this fast-changing business environment. “To stay relevant and ensure you stay competitive, even the most tenured employees must reposition themselves and revitalize their roles,” he says. “The mindset reset is powerful, critical and essential.”

Critical strategies on staying relevant, increasing power and impact and discovering the insight necessary to be a leader for the future, are just a few of the topics Bailey will address during his presentation.

In addition to hearing from Bailey, attendees at the fall conference will also learn about the latest regulatory challenges affecting supply chain and distribution, GS1 and blockchain traceability technology, and best practices in working with nongovernmental organizations, among other things.

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