The Rise of Virtual Restaurants: Marketing As a Driving Force to Its Success – By Lidia Hovhan

The growth of the hospitality industry over the last couple of years was nothing short of impressive. This trend was quickly cut short at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. With more than 110,000 restaurants closed permanently in the US alone and many more no longer serving indoor dining, it would be safe to note that the industry has seen better days. As part of their survival tactics, most restaurants opted to go digital, allowing their customers to order food from their websites or apps. But this alone won’t be enough

Measuring the ROI On Your Restaurant’s Biosecurity Upgrades

COVID-19 has caused widespread shutdowns of indoor dining, long stretches of capacity regulations, and less than ideal eating environments. It has also cost customers, employees, and owners much of the enjoyment derived from working at or visiting their favorite eateries. Many people are still avoiding restaurants altogether and those who have ventured out often spend time at the table are worried about what they are touching, inhaling or somehow absorbing that might make them sick.