The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning

Whether you’re running a hotel, a restaurant or even a catering kitchen, cleanliness must be a priority. Recent statistics from Public Health England estimate that restaurants account for around half of all food borne outbreaks. These outbreaks result in viruses such as Norovirus, Salmonella or in this current climate, COVID-19 spreading faster than we can stop it from areas such as worktops, door handles, plates and virtually any heavily used piece of equipment.

UKHospitality: Customers Returning to Hospitality More Quickly Than Last Summer, but Businesses Remain Fragile

A UK Hospitality survey, supported by data from CGA has found that that 56% of consumers visited a hospitality venue in the first 10 days after ‘freedom day’ this July – a much faster return to venues when compared to last summer’s reopening following lockdown when just 35% returned in the same timeframe. However, data shows that thousands of businesses are still struggling compared to pre-pandemic.